Sunday, December 11

Oh snap, it's on 12.11.11

Picked up a pre Christmas and Birthday present to myself this week: a Fujifilm X100. Since the settings are 180 degrees from the Leica/Lumix cameras that I'm used to, it's taking a little while for me to get used to it. I think I may resurrect the daily photo challenge in 2012 and get another year of images with the help of this guy.

Tuesday, July 19

Gluten Free 07.18.11

Halfway through this non-gluten, non-dairy, non-soy, non-caffeine, non-alcohol, non-anything good diet and we decide to bake these non gluten, non dairy, organic brownie mix. I don't know if it's the lack of taste that I've developed from this diet or if these are just good, but these brownies were AMAZING.

Morning Stroll 07.16.11

Up early this morning to pick up produce at the Ferry Building farmers' market.

Magic Bullet 07.11.11

These days, this is the most used appliance in the kitchen.

Organic 07.09.11

Trip to the Ferry Building farmers market to pick up some produce. M has us on a hormone free, gluten free, caffeine free, alcohol free, soy free, sugar free, processed free, fun free detox diet for the month. So this is basically all I can eat for the next 30 days.

FYI, I had a dream last night about some doughnut holes. It's going to be a long month.

Stadium Seating 07.07.11

Took a tour of recently completed Silicon Valley office campus to get some lessons learned and budget comparisons for some projects of mine. This is their lecture hall....reminds me of college.

Time to go.


Fear the Beard 07.06.11

Scored 4 club level seats to the Giants game against the Padres. I got my money's worth (free) as the game went 14 innings. Didn't realize that they did the 14th inning stretch until tonight.

I must have a knack with attending extra inning games. This is the 3rd one I've been to this season.

Sublease anyone? 07.05.11

The Ed Hardy space is available? Am I really surprised?

Friday, July 8

25mm f0.95 07.05.11

It's so hard to say goodbye to new friends. Like this beauty of a lens I had on loan for the past few days.

Guess I gotta buy it.

Gia 07.04.11

July 4th.

BBQ's, fireworks, and hot dogs.

This hot dog I didn't eat.

Gia, stop eating that.

Union 07.03.11

The Bride's Henna Tattoo illustrating the union between the couple's two cultures within it.

Can you see it?

Congrats S and N!

Sangeet 07.02.11

Another weekend, another wedding. This time it's an Indopino (Indian-Filipino) wedding with events the entire weekend.

Tonight, they held a Sangeet with both families performing song and dance and stories of the couple as a pre party for tomorrow's main event....more pics to come.

Night at the Museum 06.30.11

Tonight went to the California Academy of Sciences for NightLife to check out the Philippine coral reef display and my buddy Marky spin in front of the fishes.

Monday, June 27

The Plane! The Plane! 05.29.2011

M doing her best Tattoo impression.

As seen at SFNY IV.

SFNY IV 05.29.2011

With the holiday coming up next weekend, I was reminded about what I did during our last holiday, Memorial Day.

My buddies who throw the SFNY party in NYC, decided to host an event in San Francisco. Traditionally a rooftop party, they decided to host it on a boat.

Check them out here.

The next event is in NYC sometime in the fall.

Sunday, June 19

Pantone 730C 06.16.11

Package arrived in the mail today. My set of Pantone color mugs. Dubbed the "tea set" these mugs are from the brown family of the pantone collection.

Trying to get back into the swing of things with the pic of the day.

I'm published!

One of my photos (for the SF Underground Market) was recently used in a Travel + article about the best night markets in the world.

Check it out here!

My original 365 post of that event here.

Ubud Market

Marketplace in Ubud. I don't know how these ladies can wear sleeves. It was too hot and humid for me to do that.

Passing Through

While M was shopping down Seminyak before dinner. I sat on the curb watching the never ending stream of motorbikes passing by.

Saturday, June 18

M 05.19.11

More walking.

As seen on Seminyak Beach, Bali, Indonesia.

Escalator 05.17.11

Where do I put my feet?

Shorty 05.15.11

After lunch with my old colleague/friend, D and his wife, he took us on a tour of a building he's developing in the Central district. A short 30 story building with retail, office and a restaurant space with an outdoor deck.

Let me know if any of you needs office space in Hong Kong!

Friday, May 27

Ubud 05.21.11

One of about a million motorbikes speeding through the streets of Bali.

Bali Kids 05.21.11

Kids hanging out by the rice patties.

Guess that's what you do.

Silversmiths 05.21.2011

Took a tour of a jewelry factory in Celuk. M really enjoyed watching all these dudes making individual pieces of silver jewelry.

Seminyak Beach 05.19.11

A long walk on the beach as the sun starts to set...for tourists and locals alike.

Langham Place 05.15.11

15 levels of shopping and dining, 42 levels of hotel, and the longest escalators I've ever been that span 4-5 floors?

What is this place?

Langham Place.

A + B's Wedding 04.30.11

In OC this weekend for A and B's wedding.

One I actually did know since high school (A) and the other (B) I didn't remember from high school....but apparently he remembered me. Oops.

Congrats guys!

T2 04.29.11

First time in the newly opened Terminal 2. Nice new digs for Virgin America.

The Tour 04.22.11

Taking a tour with our client and their broker through a potential new space for their offices.

Indian Wedding 04.09.11

My cousin and his wife came to visit SF this weekend so we hung out downtown all day. Other than the usual sites on a Saturday afternoon, we ran into an Indian wedding procession on its way into the Four Seasons.

Pic of the entourage dancers.