Thursday, July 20

pack pack pack pack pack....

Sneaker: Nike Air Humara Premium - fern|olive grey-grn bn-army ol - "trumara's"

The trend these days in retro sneakers is to come out in groups or packs. jordan pack, inside out pack, the fantastic 4 pack, doo doo pack, whatever. Its all a ploy to get us sneaker suckers to buy more shoes to "complete the pack."

What a bunch of bologna.

So a year or so ago, Nike started to collaborate with various sneaker boutiques in developing colorways of retro nike sneakers. They started with the La Brea Ave. trio: Stussy (Blazer), Union (180), and Undefeated (dunk high). HUGE success. People lined up over night when these stores released their respected shoe.

Then they took the show overseas with European shops, Size?, Footpatrol, and Opium.

Then after all that, they gave San Francisco some love and hooked up with TRUE, Nort SF, and Huf.

The truemara (TRUE + HUMARA oh so clever) is True's 2nd collaboration with Nike, with their first being an Nike air max 97. The release comes at a good time for True, who is celebrating their 10 year anniversary as a shop on the upper Haight.

The laser etched camo pattern is oh so nice, and the bright green pops so nicely. I decided to get only this shoe out of the pack because the Huf Air Max 90 looks much like a shoe I already have (which I will show later)for $180, no thank you, and the Nort Dunk High...well didn't want another dunk high (which you will eventually see). It also helps when you get the hook up for the shoes. Thank you True.

air max 90 for $180?!? eh...

another dunk high? neh...

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