Tuesday, August 15

"got my vans on but looks like sneakers..."

Sneakers - Vans Slip-On - Sequoia (leather perforated checkerboard)

I must of been real tired last night. I swear I was going to make this post yesterday....anyways, first non-nike sneaker to make the blog, my vans slip-ons are somewhat of a classic in the sneaker world, first being introduced in the 70's (I believe).

Vans, that iconic Southern California Company founded in 1966 by Paul Van Doren, made somewhat of a resurgence the past few years due to the popularity of the 80's retro mumbo jumbo look (which I seem to like too). I remember walking through soho in 2000 and seeing a pair of black and white checkered slip-ons in a store window and thinking, "they're bringing those back?" I knew at that moment that 80's fashion was about to make a comeback in a big big way.

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