Thursday, September 7

Don't be sad, don't be blue...

Sneaker - Nike Air Force I Low - baroque brown|skyline blue-khaki - JD Sports Exclusive

When I look down the blog I seem to notice patterns with certain shoes I choose to wear. When I first started the blog, a majority of the shoes I chose had red in them. Lately I've noticed it’s now blue.

Why? Is it because all I have left are blue shoes? No I have plenty of other colors ready to wear. Is it because the college football season started and all I can think about is blue (and not red)? Am I depressed? I don't know. The mind seems to work in mysterious ways.

This Air Force I was part of pack of shoes called the "baroque" pack (I think...I'm actually not sure) that was released exclusively at JD Sports (think Footlocker or Finishline) in the UK back in the Spring of 2004. The pack also included an Air Max 90 and a Wildwood using the same colorway. Loved the shoe so much when I saw it, I emailed a contact in London to get them for me. UK retail plus shipping came out to about $140. A little more than what I want to spend on an Air Force I, but I knew I wasn't going to see them out here. I sure do hate that weak ass dollar of ours.

But what can you do?

The JD Sports Exclusivos were always top notch in terms of quality of materials used and colorways designed (compared with the US counterparts). Lately there has been a decline in JD exclusives for some reason. I hope they continue to release quality Nike Product unlike the crapola that I've seen as of late. I don't mind paying the extra cash for it.

As a wise clock once said, "If it’s not Baroque, don't fix it."

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