Tuesday, January 9

be true to your school

For the '07, i'm changing up my format. Basically its a "no format" format. Makes it easy for me to keep posting because following my wonderful past format can be a bitch. I don't remember all the official colorway information or can take pics of my shoes and upload it to my computer. Its just too much work and too much work is no fun.

So to start, i'll tell you all about what I wore the first weekend of 2007 since that's basically when I wear sneakers nowadays.

So sad indeed.

So I present to you the "unlv" dunk SB released I believe the fall of 2005 as part of the "be true to your school" pack. With all the crazy absurd colorways that were coming (and continuing to be released) there was a movement to take things back to the classics. Back to the simple 2 tone colorways that made the nike dunk so damn popular.

Back in 1986, when the dunk was released, it was the official shoe for many a Division I college basketball team at the time. Teams such as Villanova, Arizona, Iowa, and Syracuse all had shoes that matched their school colors. Nike marketed this with a "be true to your school" campaign back in 1986. It included matching bags and warm-up suits that other schools could buy. For the life of me, I can't find a pic of the original poster. I know its out there, so I’ll update this post when I find it.

Anyways, the skateboarding division decided to release their version of the iconic series and in limited quantities sent regionally. East, West, and Midwest regions received different shoes based on the schools in their region. The stores in the east received the Syracuse (Orange/White) dunks, while stores in the Midwest received Iowa's version (Goldenrod/Black) and we on the west got the UNLV dunk (shown above).

I think there were 6 or so shoes as a part of the series and if you wanted them all you had to make friends across the country or pay extra at online retailers.

I found my pair the day after thanksgiving in the OC at my favorite spot, Blends, during their day after Thanksgiving sale. Place was a madhouse with all of their shoes out on the sales floor for all to sift through. Found my pair down at the bottom of the stack in a corner. Last pair in my size so I had to buy them. Also came up ahead since they were half off.

I love it when that happens.

I'm still searching for a pair of Syracuse dunks in my size at a reasonable price. Someday they'll be mine.

I'm still searching for a pair of Syracuse dunks in my size at a reasonable price. Someday they'll be mine.

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