Wednesday, February 7

Wheat for Sale


I haven't decided yet. I actually have this sort of dilemma on a little more than half a dozen shoes I own. I know I shouldn't keep them, but then again I might regret parting with them and never get them again.

Like these.

These wheat Air Force 1's released in 2001 as a (Nike Japan) exclusive. Back in 2001, wheat was the ish and I really wanted these when I first saw them but with the high demand and a flood of fakes that released along side the authentic ones, it was very difficult to obtain a pair at a decent price (pairs went up to $500).

So 3 years pass, the frequency of seeing a pair anywhere on the web (i.e. ebay) started to decline, and I started to realize that I will never own a pair of these.

Then I saw a pair on ebay.

I quickly went onto my trusty sources to compare authenticity and asked for additional images from the owner just to make sure.

I watched the auction like a hawk for the next couple days and at the last minute...

I lost.


Then 2 months later went onto and saw a pair for $300.

Yes, I paid $300 for these and now I might sell them on ebay. I don't know if it was the shoes I wanted, or the fact that I couldn't obtain these and that I enjoyed the actual hunt for these shoes. Who knows. I do like these shoes but if I can get a return on my investment, their yours.

Maybe I should just sell all my shoes on ebay and be done with this nonsense.



Anonymous said...


Found your blog through your Yelp Profile! I love this - you are like the male version of Sarah Jessica Parker with all her Jimmy Choos and Manolos!

Here's a scary thought - you may have enough to put down on a small house with all your shoes!

Talk to you soon. XXOO, Quyen

B said...

did anyone buy them?