Sunday, March 25

air u breathe

Nike Air Max 1 - Air U Breathe Pack - colorway by Ben Drury

In 2006, Nike launched a big campaign to push their air max 360 running shoe by commemorating the history of the air max sneaker which dates back to 1987. Limited edition versions of all the past air max models were created all year long.

This version of the air max 1 from 1987 was created by UK designer, Ben Drury. This was a part of the air u breathe pack which highlights the idea that the air used in the technology of the air max sneaker is the same air we breathe around us. To represent the air around us, Drury used a radio wave graphic on the heel of the shoe. This shoe had a limited release in Europe and the US only and had a matching wind breaker that was released in Australia only. Strange.

The simple black, white and 3M reflective colorway makes this shoe one of my favorite air max releases last year.

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