Wednesday, August 1


So apparently the hottest shoe in all the land right now are these MF DOOM X Nike SB dunk Hi's which was inspired by the underground hip hop artist MF DOOM.

For all that don't know, MF DOOM is a rapper that was originally in the early 90's group KMD under the alias zev love x.

I loved KMD.

I have luke warm feeling for MF DOOM.

Anyways...grey ostrich toe, "DOOM" stitching, clear outsole, 3M piping, lace locks that say "spr vln." The details go on and on.

It's a decent shoe. But the hype machine has made a $90 shoe into a $300 shoe in a heartbeat.

I may have a pair on lock but not for $300 bucks.

Let's see of the transaction goes through.

If not, eh...

I'll keep you all posted.

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