Tuesday, October 23

wow its been two months

That's right. It's been 2 months and a day since my last post. I've actually acquired a bunch of shoes and sold off a few in this two month period with more shoes on the chopping block. Need to save some money on some new something else.

Anyways, I guess I'll try to post the shoes that have left my possession and the new acquisitions (including the Doom's that I was waiting forever and a day on) in due time and try to fit time to post the other shoes of my collection as I've promised on numerous occasions.

So to kick it off, here is my latest pair I got off ebay: the nike classic sb (Cliche) black/black

The french skateboard shop, Cliche, turned 10 years old in '07 and to commemorate, they put out a shoe with all these skulls on it because skulls are bad ass and these dudes are french and french people are down with that freaky shit. Skulls on the back of the right heel and lasered real small in a pattern around the eye holes. They also like to point out the fact that they're sooo euro. I'll have to take pics of the other shoe that shows the words "euro" on the tongue, on the insole and on the back of the left heel. Going on holiday this weekend and I might just bring these shoes to celebrate halloween and all souls day/day of the dead. I may also talk with an accent, wear tight shirts/pants and make people think I'm euro.

Maybe not.

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