Thursday, July 13

before we begin

Ok so here is my initial post. Before I get into all this sneaker madness, here's a quick glossary of sneaker lingo.

colorway - sneaker's color scheme. White|classic green-del sol, and khaki|viotech-dk mocka-mountain gold are some examples.

most of the shoe's nicknames are based on the colorway of the shoe. "bred" - for black|red and "brazils" - for brazil's colors green|yellow are examples.

insole - removable foam pad that your foor rests on in the shoe.

midsole - rubber side portion of the shoe below the upper. the side walls of the shoe's sole if you will.

outsole - the bottom of the shoe.

toe-box - top of the shoe between the front of the shoe and the bottom of the laces where your toes normally are.

upper - area of the shoe above the midsole that usually consists of leather, canvas, etc.

There will probably be more terminology as we go along, but whatever. At the end of this you will start to talk like me.

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