Sunday, July 30

black upper/white midsole

Sneaker: dunk low pro sb - black|metallic gold-black - "taksahi's"

Ok, I didn't wear sneakers today, so I'll tell you what I wore this past weekend.

First of all, I love this colorway. Black upper/white midsole. Guaranteed classic. Look at your classic chuck taylors, black upper/white midsole. Classic OG cortez' with your dickies, black upper/white midsole. Vans slip ons, black (or navy, or checkered) upper/ white midsole. This is probably my favorite colorway combo out there. I'll probably wear sneakers with black upper/white midsoles when i'm 95. No doubt.

Ok, when did I get these?

1st quarter 2003. I was at SF shoe store, Huf on Sutter Street, talking to the manager, Nao, about what new kicks were coming out. So he pulled out the line sheet for the upcoming 3rd dunk series from nike sb (skateboarding), and that's when I saw them.

Fortunately for me, the one I wanted had the least amount of hype. Compared to the other shoes of the series, they were seen as tame and boring and was rumoured to be released in larger numbers. The red-toed bisons were supposedly the most limited of the pack.

When they were released at Huf, kids came early and lined up on release day to get the other shoes. Luckily I didn't want them, and was able to walk in the next day and pick up a pair of Takashi's in my size with no problems. The nickname, "takashi's", which was derived oh so cleverly after the colorway designer Takashi Hosokawa, can easily fetch $300+ for a new deadstocked pair, but beware, like all sought after nikes, counterfeits of the shoe do exist. Oh I wish I had gotten a 2nd pair when it was so easy and so much cheaper to do so.

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