Friday, July 28

it's gotta be the shoes

Sneaker: Nike Air Jordan IV - white|varsity red-black - "Mars"

So these are the dag blasted shoes that made me retarded on Friday and Saturday of last week. Looking back, I don't know what came over me. Had I not eaten right, was I sleep deprived, was I just reacting to all the hot weather? No. It's the shoes. It's gotta be the shoes.

First out in 1989 (yeah), 4th signature shoe for Michael Jordan (yeah yeah) Tinker Hatfield design(yeah yeah yeah).

Now lets go back and talk a little about the history of THIS shoe as it pertains to my life.

So back in 1989 I was in the 6th grade. What do I remember about the 6th grade? Sports day against rival school Walter (S)Knott elementary, 6th grade school dance, being caught cheating for using a calculator on a math test, AND the first time I walked into footlocker and seeing these shoes.

It was a Saturday Night, and my parents and I were finishing up a day of shopping at the local mall. We walked into the footlocker looking for a new pair of shoes because my dunks were in horrible shape and there it was. They were staring at me telling me, "buy me." My life was about to change forever. At $110, 6th grade me was not going to get them at that time. But I asked and asked and asked, and a month or so later, I got my pair.

I actually walked through that mall last weekend and passed by that old footlocker. Same wood panels on the walls and cash register casework were still there. Too bad it was some ghetto hip-hop clothing store instead.

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Anonymous said...

HEY! i shop at the hip-hop store now. and it's not GHETTO! ok, gotta get my hair did now. peace out.