Wednesday, July 26

diamonds are a girl's (and boy's) best friend

sneaker: nike dunk low pro sb - aqua|chrome - "tiffany's" or "diamond dunks"

About a year ago, the skateboarding (sb) division at nike did collaborations with pro team managers from skateboarding industry companies in order to reach a broader skateboarding audience for the brand, and in return the collaborating skateboard company will reach a broader nike market. A little cross-brand promotion if you will. This shoe was a collaboration with skateboarding hardware supply company, diamond supply.

How did they ever come up with this colorway? Hmm...

When you think diamonds, you think engagement rings (not me), and when you think of engagement rings, you think Tiffany and Co, and when you think Tiffany, you think of the teal box that the jewelry comes in, which is where the teal, chrome and black colorway came from. You add croc leather and the diamond logo on the tongue and you’re set with one of last year's biggest releases in the retro sneaker world.

Samples of the shoe were released earlier in the year and mass hysteria began across the globe. When were they going to release, where could you get them, and how much were the few lucky skateboard shops going to charge were questions even I had last summer. Limited numbers + limited retailers + mass hype = artificial demand and a skyrocketed price. Shops charged up to $300 for a shoe that has an MSRP of $65 and kids still lined up overnight for them. I luckily did not. I was able to find someone in the online sneaker community to send me a pair for a fair price. I hate campouts.

Beware out ther. Because samples were released early, it gave time for variant (counterfeiter) shoe manufactureres to produce well made fakes of the shoes which can be seen outnumbering legitimate pairs on ebay.


Anonymous said...

nice socks. any stories behind those?

chickachoi said...

I agree... maybe you should wear pants with those shoes or short

d-reel said...

limited edition, 3 for $8, grey gap socks. DON'T SLEEP!