Saturday, July 22

i f-ing hate jordan releases

hate it hate it HATE IT!!!

everyone knows about them, everyone wants them, everyone knows this and wants to make money as a f-ing reseller with them.

fuck that.

ok back up.

big release today. jordan IV - black|red|white - "mars'"

so since i am spending the weekend in the OC, and my flight out there was going to be on friday night, i was going to wake up real early this morning and head to the local finishline that was going to open at 6. then if i was unsuccessful go to the one that opened at 8, 10, etc. well it turns out that t-storms in NY delayed the plane that was going to take me to long beach.

until 1:30 am.

that was the initial f-that.

so we decided to take the early flight this morning (630am). this was going to allow me to try and buy them online when they hit all the online sites. 9pm pst and i'm online, and i'm on the phone. and so are thousands worldwide. after being on hold for half an hour, and trying to add my one size 8 shoe in the freaking e-basket, due to a 10 pair limt for each customer(WTF?!?!)i find out that the only sizes left are 13 and up. and the other sites sell out just the same.


the morning arrives and i make my flight. i arrive in the LBC, pick up some bagels for breakfast and head out for these jordan iv's. hit up the local mom and pop shop with the jordan brand account and all they have left is an 11 and 13. had i come by an hour earlier maybe i'd have them?


head to the mall, and they're all out.


head to my favorite OC shop, blends where they only have an 8, 2 size 11's and an 11.5. so i wait in line and a couple of dudes in front of me buys the pair of 8's, walks out, and tries to sell them to me in line for $200 bucks (retail is $115).

that was the last straw of the morning. had i not wasted my time going everywhere else i'd probably have a better story to tell. but i don't and it ends with a jerk of a reseller.

if he actually gets $200, i hope he chokes on on that $75-$80 dollar profit. all freakin $75 dollars.

i'm so over this.

time to go online, and get myself a drink.


CynLuvsJs said...

Wow! You had a hard day! Sorry to hear after going thru all that, you still didn't get the Mars in your size. Eastbay's site would NOT load last night from 9-10:30pm last night which was super annoying. My man and I ended up getting our sizes and pairs but he ordered off some online site a week before release. And b/c I wear kids sizes, I'm lucky they don't sell out quick style.

Anonymous said...

Dude, just get some tube socks and stuff em in your new size 13 jordan 4's. That style's kickin.


d-reel said...

cyn, glad you and your man got your pairs with ease. i think for future jordan releases i'm going the online presale rout. i can't be doing all this hunting on release day, competing with all them kids. putting in a few extra bucks in exchange for my sanity is well worth it.

and al, no way am i buying size 13 anything and filling in with whatever. that's just plain silly.