Monday, July 17

it's like walking on air

Sneaker: Nike Air Max '95 - ntrl grey|neon yellow-dk chrcl - "neons"

Fall of 1995. First semester of college is when I first laid my eyes on the shoe that would arguably be my favorite Nike model of all time. I remember that day like it was yesterday...I loved these shoes so much in school that my broke/struggling student ass had 3 pairs (@$140 a piece). I didn't care if I had to live off of ramen noodles for the next couple months. Didn't we all do that anyways?

Designed by Nike designer Sergio Lozano, the air max 95 was the first shoe to introduce a visible air sole in the forefoot of the shoe. We've seen the air bubbles in the heel, but never in the front. More air = more cushioning = better running shoe? Maybe. I just love the gradation from black to white, and the neon yellow touches. Rumor has it that the design was inspired by the human anatomy. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Air Max 95's rule! I must have like 100 pairs, well maybe not... I've had white/blue (which i bought off you btw), blue/grey, orange/grey, original neon green/grey/black, and some red/grey ones from that's like 5, but still...

d-reel said...

i wish i didn't sell you those shoes, but i guess some underprivileged kid in the PI is rocking the shit out of those, so it's ok.