Tuesday, July 18

we are the champions

Sneaker: Nike air max '95 - white|yellow gold-blk - "juventus '95"

Ok first, I didn't feel like wearing sneakers today. I have a meeting to go to and I'm feeling kind of bummy only wearing sneakers the past two weeks (I was wearing sneakers every day for a week before I started the blog). So for today's entry I picked out something that I probably won't actually wear for one reason or another.

Now to the shoe.

Back in 2003, Juventus FC won the Serie A Championship title (the top division title of the Italian Football League)for the 2nd year in a row. And being the proud sponsers that they were, Nike created an Air Max '95 colorway with the team's colors to commemorate the event. Originally an overseas release, these shoes were later found in shoe stores in New York, i'm assuming, to promote the Italian Super Cup (Juventus vs. AC Milan) match in New York. Its a good thing Juventus FC won the match.


Anonymous said...

Did you know....Juventus is being demoted to Serie B b/c of match fixing? Air Max '95s rule.

Randy Sklar

d-reel said...

thanks randy. you learn something new everyday.