Thursday, August 17


Sneaker - Nike Terminator - black|wheat-el dorado - "inside-out"

The Terminator. Another of Nike's 80's basketball models that were around the same time as the dunk. Most noticeably used by the Georgetown Hoyas in the mid 80's after they won the NCAA championships in '84.

This version was part of a pack of shoes dubbed as the "inside-out pack," which also included a couple of Air Force I's.

Typically, certain materials are used for the outer materials of a shoe. Leather or nylon mesh uppers and rubber mid/outsoles are USUALLY the norm. Well, the geniuses at Nike thought it would be clever to use the materials normally found in the inside lining of the shoes (leather, wool, etc) as the outer materials. A leather midsole and wool uppers provided from New Zealand sheep give the shoe a unique twist. But whatever, if the wool came from Kansas, I'd still buy these shoes.

The inside-out thing is inventive, but there's a reason why some materials are placed on the inside and not the out (i.e. leather sucks as a midsole material). Durability seems to be somewhat of an issue.

I really liked this shoe when I first saw the samples two summers ago. Released winter/'04-'05, these shoes saw lots of wears to the office since they were sneakers that didn't actually look like sneakers.

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