Tuesday, August 22


Sneaker - Nike Dunk Low QK Manu - black|univ blue-white - "Manu's"

So lately I've kind of been uninspired to write posts for some odd reason. I take photos. I sit in front of my laptop and stare at the screen thinking of things to write about and nothing comes out. It’s analogous to sitting on the can constipated. You want to do it. You think you have the urge to do it. You can’t do it. Sure there are the basic factoids that I can place, or I could just post the images but where is the fun in that? I actually don't really have any inspiration today to do this post; I just want to get it out. I'm sure this funk will pass and the witty banter you're all used to will fall like el nino.

So back to the Manu's. These dunks were collaboration with Argentinean San Antonio Spur's star Manu Ginobili to promote the recent FIBA basketball championships in Japan. This is a pretty cleanly designed shoe with a custom Manu logo sewn in the heel and tongue and a icy blue translucent sole. It originally came with blue laces, but I switched them out for black laces because I thought the extra blue was too much.

Sold in limited numbers, the shoe was only sold in major Niketowns and special urban account boutiques. I picked this up after a hard day of work at the local downtown Niketown. Last one in my size. Love it when that happens.

Now what was the inspiration of the colorway? I have no clue. Maybe Manu likes black and blue? The colors don't match the Spurs (black and silver) or Argentina's national team's (light blue and dark blue) completely.

Oh wait.

Wait a freaking minute.

Black...Light blue…Spurs…Argentina…

Manu Ginobili!.


Or I’m just making this crap up.


bruce said...

yes. you're making it up!

and YOU of all people would know what being contipated feels like. eat your vegetables and fiber! geez.

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's totally the Argentina colors. You're reaching my friend:


I know the banter is still in you. I read your most recent eVite. It was stellar.

d. said...

maybe you should sing butsekik and then revisit the blog. inspiration comes in many places.

K-boogie said...

Don't let your blog die. i just started reading it.

d-reel said...

B.W.E.R.D. (Blogs Won't Ever Really Die)

d-reel said...

bong choy la...