Thursday, August 24

just blaze...

Sneaker - Nike Blazer - med grey|orion blue-white - "zoo york blazers"

The Nike Blazer. Nike’s pro basketball shoe first released in 1973 along with the Nike Bruin. Worn by George “the Iceman” Gervin (blazer/iceman…what an oxymoronic relationship) back in the day, these also saw various re-releases the past half decade.

The colorway of these blazers were inspired by the skateboarding company zoo york and was released in 2003 (if my memory serves me) along with a second blazer. Simple simple colorway. Love that gum toe.

I picked these up on a lunch time run to HUF with a fellow architectural sneakerhead friend of mine. I believe she also picked up a different pair of blazers that day as well…or was it dunks? Seriously these experiences are starting to meld together in my old age.

Speaking of zoo york, I just want to give a big ups and a R.I.P. to zoo york skater Harold Hunter who passed away earlier this year of a heart attack. Best known for his pool side antics in the movie “kids,” he was quite a personality in the urban skate world. Didn’t know the guy personally but always seemed to run into him whenever I went to Supreme in NYC.

P.S. -> I know you love the grey socks and the navy slacks. I'm also wearing a light blue polo shirt which all in all looks like my uniform back in grade school. I feel like its 2nd grade again with yard sticks being slammed on our desks and notes being passed to and from a certain cute little miss marie francisco. I heard she turned into a gardening tool, but that's mean for me to say; gardening tools are very useful in their own right.

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