Sunday, August 27

lazy or perfect?

Sneaker - Nike Air Force I Mid LTD - black|white-red - "Michael Vick's"

Ok lately (like the past two weeks…sue me) I've been pretty lazy when it comes to this blog. I sit with my laptop with the blog window open ready to post when I open another window and read posts on internet message boards like niketalk and supertalk or other people's blogs like the hundreds or hypebeast. Procrastination at its finest.

Anyways, at first glance of this shoe, one could come to the conclusion that this colorway of the uber popular air force I is boring and that the collaborators (in this case Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons) were lazy and probably other victims of procrastination.

Or were they?

It’s obvious that the Black, Red, and White colors used were inspired from the Atlanta Falcons team colors, but why didn't they go bananas with the colors to set the shoe apart? Because its not the outlandish use of color that makes this a great shoe (that would be easy), its the details.

The laser etched "7" in the heel, the nike swoosh above the toebox, the "nike air" in the back of the shoe, and his signature on the insole along with the use of premium coach leather instead of the standard crappy nike pleather sets this shoe on its own. The use of the better leather is what I love the most. The better leather creases less and takes on a sleeker shape as opposed to the boxy shape that other materials have with the same air force I patterns. Plus the fact that it’s a black upper with a white midsole helps. This is one of my favorites and I think I need to go get another pair.

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