Monday, September 4

jordans are all around us

Sneaker - Nike dunk low pro sb - black|royal blue - "jordan pack dunks"

As influential as he is to the modern game of basketball, his line of shoes also has made a mark on the sneaker world. I'm not just talking about the shoes that are released under the Jordan Brand. Basketball shoes (and non-basketball shoes) have used the Jordan models as a standard both performance wise and design wise. The Jordan was always the most innovative sneaker of its time. Pieces and details first introduced in Jordan shoes are seen all over the sneaker world. The elephant print from the Jordan III is seen as a piece of flare on many various shoe models while the use of patent leather on a sneaker first seen on the Jordan XI is now a common material option for current colorway designers.

Last year, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Jordan sneaker, the Nike Skateboarding department released a pack using the original red|white and blue|black colorways used on the Jordan I, the grand daddy of the modern day skate shoe. A delta low took on the red|white colorway while a dunk low used a blue|black.

Produced in larger numbers than previous dunks, these shoes originally sold for retail (most SB dunks sell/sold for $30-$70 over retail when released). Because of this, I thought that I could get them later. No rush to the stores when they released, I thought I could just roll in a month later, and get my size. Boy was I wrong. When I was ready, I could not find a pair to save my life. Online stores didn't have them, none of the local spots had them, message board members weren't selling them, even ebay searches resulted in emptiness. And if I did find them, people were selling them for an exorbitant amount. I even had my money refunded a couple times because the online retailers didn't update their sites. Geez.

Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, when I said F-these, I saw someone on ebay selling them for reasonable price.

Shortly after I saw Jordan Pack dunks being sold all around me.


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