Sunday, August 6

little white ball

Sneaker: nike air max 1B - khaki|viotech-dk mocha-mt gold - "atmos"

So last week after work, I took a tour of all the local sneaker boutiques handing out sneaker pimps posters in an effort to get the word out on the event when some kid noticed the shoes on my feet and followed my feet as i walked the store like you would the little white ball when singing those folk songs as a kid. Its a little weird when this happens. Naturally sneaker heads notice what sneakers people wear and take an occasional glance/double take. Then you get those freak shows that follow your feet and ask you how much your shoes were and where you got them.

"$60 at the TRUE sale 3 years ago."
"wow. nice pick up."

The atmos. Another shoe named after the collaboration between a store and Nike. Atmos is a sneaker/clothing store in Tokyo. They've done quite a few colorways for Nike and other shoe companies (i.e. New Balance) including an Air Force I and an Air Max 95. Props to these Japanese kids for openning a US store in the "hood" (Harlem) as opposed to them artsy-fartsy areas in NYC (soho or the L.E.S.) where most of their clientele/competition is coming from.

This shoe was released in 2003 to urban shoe boutiques around the world. Concurrently, Greyone (a store in Pasadena) released a limited edition version (100 total) at their 1 yr celebration with a special box designed by LA artist, Dez Einswell. I still don't understand why. I don't think there are any differences with the widely released shoe and the limited edition version besides the special box.

The shoe was generally passed on when they were first released for more popular dunk and air force I models (hence the $60 on sale price I paid for them), but after a couple of years, collectors big on the air max series started throwing larger amounts of cash for the shoe. A new, deadstock pair can command a $300+ price in some circles.

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