Friday, August 11

stompin' in my (j-) air force 1's...

Sneaker - Nike Air Force I Low - white|orange blaze-signal blue

The Nike Air Force 1. Nike's best selling shoe of all-time. Even today, more pairs of Air Force 1's are sold than any other Nike shoe. Not bad considering they have an official marketing budget of, oh I don't know, NOTHING to promote the shoe. Success seems to lie through word of mouth (read "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell for more details). Colorway collaborations, having the right people wearing them, and having rappers create songs about the shoe also helps.

Nike, however, is going to launch a campaign next year commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Air Force I with limited edition collaborations and themes much like adidas did for their 35th anniversary celebration of the adidas superstar (aka shell toes). There is also talk about creating a new Air Force I Brand as an off shoot from the Nike.

These Air Force I's are a Japan Only Exclusive developed by the Japanese Division of Nike ( For some reason colorways from the camp are far superior to the US and Euro counterparts. Better materials and better color selections I guess. I especially love the quilted blue weave lining on this particular shoe. I didn't think I'd be able to get these since they were only sold in Japan (some US retailers got a hold of some and sold them in the $180-$200 range), but I found an online retailer in Japan that shipped internationally (Tokyo to SF in 2 days flat) that had them on sale (less than $90 since it was one of the last sizes left). Kudos to Japanese efficiency.

Oh, and I know you all love my socks.

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