Thursday, August 10

best if used by...

Sneaker: Nike Air Ultra Force - white|red

In this case, best if used by 1998.

Again, I did not wear sneakers at all today. But in the spirit of the blog, I'll make a post on a pair of shoes that I'm just too scared to wear, my OG pair of Nike Air Ultra Force. I picked these up on ebay a few years back for $40 bucks. I remember these shoes when they first released in 1990. There were two types of nike basketball shoes out (besides jordans): flights and forces. Flights were for the quick guards and forces were for the larger forwards and centers in the paint. I never bought forces because I was a tiny little kid who thought he could fly.

Now back to these shoes. First off, shoes don't last forever. Especially sneakers. They weren't meant to be tucked away in people's closets to be taken out every so often to show off at will. They weren't made to sit and sit and sit until you decide when it’s the right time to wear them or to be sold over and over and over until one shmuck has the gonads to wear them out.

Sorry, sneakers aren't meant to do that. They don't age like fine wine. If you don't use them, they will fall apart. Something about the glue drying up and the rubber and foam decomposing when exposed to the sun, heat, and humidity. You get the picture.

I think when you first wear a shoe, the shoe conforms to the shape of your foot and to the idiosyncrasies of your step and if you're shoe's glue isn't strong enough, you'll get a big mess of what used to be a shoe. I've seen it. I've seen kids wear a 10+ year old brand new pair of shoes and within an hour or two, the heel gives out from the upper or the soles crack. Time and time again: horror story after horror story. Max's, Jordan's, Forces. There is no discrimination to the horror.

This is why I can't get myself to wear these shoes. I put them on and begin to lace them and then I stop. I should stop being a puss and just wear them...with a back up pair in my trunk/bag.

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