Wednesday, August 9

for the urban runner in all of us

Sneaker - Nike Air Stab - blk/skylt-vtng prpl-lt slvr-mz - "foot patrol stabs"

No sneakers to work today. I had meetings and a trip out to the job site so I left the sneakers at home. But since it was nice out, I headed out to Berkeley for dinner, so I did get to change my shoes.

Yet another colorway collaboration with a store and Nike. Do I sense a trend? A part of the European group of stores asked to be a part of this European "clerks" pack, London stockist, Footpatrol, was responsible for this version of the stab. If you like it, great. If not, blame them.

The stab, another Tinker Hatfield design, was originally released in 1988 as an alternative running shoe for the edgier urban runner. The signature "air stab" in the thermoplastic heel cap and the fork stabs in the visible air window were details that set the shoe apart from the conservatively designed shoes at the time. This modern day version does just the same with the use of bold colors like purple, light blue, and yellow (including an extra pair of yellow laces), and a translucent ice sole.

I bought these shoes last January from my local shoe boutique, Nort, during my lunch hour. I missed the original release of the shoe (I didn't feel like waiting in line for several hours for them, go figure), but when word on the street (or the internet) was that Nort got a restock, I ran over to get them. Literally. Gotta love them restocks. Thanks to Matt from Nort for the heads up.

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