Tuesday, August 8

what does "un-" actually mean?

Sneaker: Nike Dunk High - hay maple-taupe-white - "hay maple's" or "unstussy's"

I don't understand the idea of the prefix "un." I know that in the english language, "un" means "not" or "opposite of." In the sneaker world, "un" means "like but not exactly."

In this case the "un-stussy" is a very similar colorway to one developed by surf-turned-urban clothing retailer, Stussy, back in 2001. They created a brown colorway with an ostrich leather swoosh and a black/white colorway with a snakeskin swoosh as part of an exclusive pack that was only released at their retail stores. Freakin' sexy ass shoes. I'd stop buying sneakers if I could get those two shoes.

Fast forward about a year and a half and Nike releases this similar colorway as a European/Canadian Exclusive and due to the similarity, it gets nicknamed the "un-stussy." Shouldn't it be called the "like-stussy," the "pseudo-stussy," or maybe even the "faux-stussy?" I mean technically its "not" the stussy's but its pretty damn close, but far from being opposite, like the prefix is known to mean. Just another reason why "sneakerheads" just don't make any sense in this world.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it's actually spelled, 'uhn', as in 'uh...n...oo', which means like, but not exactly (i think)...well, un-sneakerheads (like myself) don't make any sense either.