Monday, March 10


I seriously can't believe this shit. Someone please explain how this is hot. Don't get me wrong. I like Kermit. He's gangsta. Left the swamps at 12 and headed to Hollywood to become a star. Starred in a dozen movies, had numerous TV appearances, and had the hit song "Rainbow Connection." Skinny little frog like him is even down with the healthy girls with more cushin for the pushin.

But to put this dude on a skateboard or have him plastered on a t-shirt and be the talk of the "streetwear" town is ridiculous. I guess it helps to be backed by the streetwear brand Supreme and be photographed by renowned photographer Terry Richardson, but to have kids line up to buy this $45 t-shirt (and resell it for $150) and a $68 deck (and resell it for $200) is beyond me. I think Supreme is pushing the envelope to see what sells, and to be honest if this creates hype and hysteria, anything this shop releases will.

But what really annoys me the most is that since these items were included in their online store, which on occasion releases batches of product that lasts maybe an hour, bandwidth was clogged and the site crashed which left me with nothing to buy. Did I want the Kermit shit? No. But I did want a simple cap and a buffalo plaid shirt that I would have had no problem buying if it weren't for this little green monster.

Oh well. Saved me a some dough. Can't wait for the next drop that'll include miss piggy fitteds and crewnecks with the Swedish Chef.

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