Sunday, March 9

boom dizzle

Now that I've figured out this crackberry to blog connection I've found plenty of opportunities to post.

Like right now I'm waiting for M to finish getting ready from the gym so we can get on with our day.

I'm waiting after just finishing my work out which included a 3 mile run next to Baron Davis and his body guard. He also had his locker in the same row as mine. Unfortunately for me this is the one day I didn't bring my camera.

What does this have to do with sneakers? Probably nothing, but he is known to be a huge sneaker head who once was fabled to have 100 clean pairs of white on white air force 1's at any given time. Don't know if he still does that since they aren't as hot as they once were. I remember running into him at on on club on on year ago with some sick reebok pumps so I guess he keeps it goin.

Unrelated note: apparently when I type the letter "a" by itself it turns into "on on." I don't know why. I guess I have to edit this post when I get home.

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