Saturday, March 8

Crackberry Posting

So right now M is at Sephora trying on make up because were honestly bored out of our minds this lazy Saturday afternoon. Lucky for her she's enjoying herself as I continue to be bored out of my mind. Could I peruse through the neighboring stores? Sure, but I don't want to be tempted to make impulse buys that I don't need.

So I sit.

And check my email on my blackberry.

And peruse facebook.

And check the daily NBA scores and how my fantasy team did (way to go t-mac and joe johnson).

And see who's online (no one).

And just when I thought I've run out of things to do, I decide to figure out how to blog with this thing. I guess I figured it out and have now found a new task to pass the time.

Anyways, sneaker related, today I walked out of the house wearing a pair of black leather vans old skool lows that were part of the syndicate collection last fall. Apparently they were a limited run that also included a pair of metal insoles. More on these when I figure out how to put images from my crackberry and when I actually have pictures to post from my crackberry.

Gotta run. M's done playing with make up and I gotta get off this thing and get some food.

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